‘La Paradoja de Antares’ premieres in the cinema

‘La Paradoja de Antares’ is released in theaters, produced by the Onirikal Studio studio from Matarón.
After its national presentation at the Sitges International Festival, its international premiere at the Fantastic Fest in Austin (Texas, USA) and recently its appearance at the FANT Film Fest (Bilbao), The Antares Paradox now has a release date as part of the “Indie Film Tuesday” initiative.
This coming Tuesday June 27th in selected theaters and on Friday June 30th in the rest of the cinemas. The film is distributed by #ConUnPack Written and directed by Luis Tinoco, it has been awarded at the Blogs de Oro Catalan Independent Film Awards (Best Film and Best Screenplay) and at festivals such as Fantastic Gijón (Best Film).
This has been produced by the visual defects studio Onirikal Studio, which has returned to film production after the success of the multi-award-winning science fiction short film Charon.
The Paradox of Antares is a dramatic thriller shot over three weeks in a single location: a set created at the production company’s own facilities.
Andrea Trepat (Mar de Plástico, Gran Hotel, Amar es para siempre, etc.) gives life to Alexandra Baeza, the central character and protagonist who will have to face an extreme situation like no other. Trepat’s performance has been awarded Best Actress at FANTASPOA International Fantastic Film Festival (Brazil), CURTAS Festival Do Imaxinari Film Fest Vilagarcía (Galicia) and at SEVIFF, Seville Indie Film Festival.
The cast is completed with the following actors and actresses: Aleida Torrent (nominated for Best Secondary at the Blogs de Oro Catalan Independent Film Awards), David Ramírez and Jaume de Sans, in addition to the special collaboration of José Luis Crespo (Quantum Fracture). , youtuber and scientific popularizer with millions of followers.
Synopsis: Alexandra, a scientist on duty at a radio telescope, receives a signal that she could answer one of humanity’s most transcendental questions. She only has a couple of hours to verify it, but an unexpected family problem will force her to deliver a dramatic internal struggle in a race against time to reveal one of the greatest mysteries in the universe.
In the words of its director and screenwriter, Luis Tinoco, “La Paradoja de Antares’ is a commitment to a type of independent cinema where the originality of the script, the plot and the performances prevail. The meticulous work of scientific research and the rehearsals with the actors, who have been free to make the dialogues their own, have been key to giving the film credibility and naturalness”.
La Paradox de Antares features music by Arnau Bataller (Rec 4, Way Down, A Perfect Day, etc.), recently nominated for the Goya Award and winner of the 2022 Gaudí Award for Mediterranean; sound design is by Andrey Francés (Keloid, The Host Of The Heaven, Null, etc.); Frank Gutierrez is in charge of editing (The scared tit, A gun in each hand); and the Onirikal Studio itself for the visual effects.