The series ‘Las invisibles’ premieres.

Noticia. Premiere

The SkyShowtime platform has just released Las invisibles, a series created by Héctor Lozano (Merlin: Sapere Aude), directed by Menna Fité.

Starring Lolita Flores, Maria Pujalte, Yoshira Escárrega, Paula del Río, Paula Mirá, Yaël Belicha and Elena Irureta, Las Invisibles revolves around a group of chambermaids who clean the rooms of a luxury hotel in the Mediterranean, while they try to restructure their own lives.

The story portrays the reality of women who struggle to earn a living, but who always have a moment to smile. This moving series, made up of eight episodes, offers a large dose of optimism, in a world where the small pleasures of life and the ability to overcome, dignity, love and musical dreams come together.

The new SkyShowtime Original, comprised of 8 episodes, will hit the platform with one episode available upon launch, and new episodes every Monday.

Las Invisibles is produced by Morena Films and Paramount, created by Héctor Lozano (Merlin: Sapere Aude), directed by Menna Fité (Élite, Merlin: Sapere Aude), and is executive produced by Pedro Uriol (Bajocero, La Chica Invisible).