El Maresme is present at the Malaga Festival

Noticia. Festivals

This year the Malaga Festival hosts three productions whose filming has also taken place in El Maresme. Notable among them is the Paramount series ‘Las Invisibles’ by Héctor Lozano, also the creator of ‘Merlí’. Almost all the filming of this production has been carried out in El Maresme. The Hotel, protagonist of the series, is located in Santa Susanna. It has also been filmed in other municipalities such as Montgat, El Masnou, Sant Vicenç de Montalt and Caldes d’Estrac.

The feature film ‘Los Buenos Modales’ by director Marta Díaz is also being presented at the same Festival. An Escandalo Films, Atresmeida Cine, ESCAC Films and Movistar Plus+ production. This shoot also went through Arenys de Mar and Mataró.

The third production that we can find and that has also been shot in the Maresme, specifically in Mataró, is the new Filmin series, ‘Selftape’. There are 6 episodes produced by Filmax. The premiere is scheduled for April 4.