‘El Rei Peret’. 3Cat’s new production premieres on the platform.


‘El Rei Peret’, the new 3Cat production has just premiered on the platform.

A film directed by Esteve Rovira with a script from Mataró Manel Bonany.

The cast is headed by Jordi Coll from Mataró and we can also find Pep Antón Muñoz, Asia Ortega, Jordi Planas, Paco Moreno, Elena Gadel, Paul Berrondo, Pepa López and Toni Sevilla, among others.

Filming also took place in Maresmenca lands, in Mataró and on other location in Pineda de Mar.

Specifically in Mataró, filming took place in Plaça del Fossar Xic, Carrer Beata Maria, Carrer Nicaragua, Plaça Santa Maria, Bar Casa Paco and Llar Cabanellas.

As an anecdote, it must be said that the production was looking for a Bar that was in a square and had a terrace. They really liked Bar Casa Paco, but this one doesn’t have a terrace in a square. Therefore they decided to make the outside of the Bar in the Chic Fossar and make a fictitious entrance in a garage door in the square.