‘El Rei Peret’ a film based on the memoirs of the singer from Mataró.

Noticia. Filmings

These days Mataró is hosting the filming of the film ‘El Rei Peret’ directed by Esteve Rovira with a script by Manel Bonany from Mataró.

Pep Antón Muñoz, Jordi Coll, Asia Ortega, Jordi Planas, Alosian Vivancos, and Kevin Angel, among others, are part of the cast.

The film is based on Peret’s memoirs. The plot has focused on the family and personal conflicts of the protagonist to show the most unknown and exciting part of his life, beyond the stages and his famous and multitudinous performances.

It is expected that its premiere will be during the first months of 2024.