The film ‘Pájaros’ also passes through the Maresme

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The journey of a strange couple, in “Birds” by Pau Durà. Pau Durà directs Javier Gutiérrez and Luis Zahera in “Pájaros”, an international road-movie. A story full of humanity, beauty and tenderness, and which moves between drama and comedy. Filming, which will take place in various locations in Catalonia, will take place over the course of eight weeks in various parts of the European geography; it will go, for example, to Italy and Romania until it reaches Constanta, on the shores of the Black Sea. “It’s the journey of a strange couple,” explains Javier Gutiérrez. “They are completely antagonistic, they have nothing to do with each other, but they have common points regarding their wounds and scars of life.” Colombo (Javier Gutiérrez) works in a 24-hour garage and supplements his miserable salary by selling marijuana. Mario (Luis Zahera), a lawyer fond of birds and unable to drive due to a past accident, convinces the watchman to, in exchange for some money, take them to the Costa Brava to see some cranes. On reaching the lagoons, the lawyer explains to him that the birds have changed their migratory route and will nest in the Danube Delta, in Constanta, Romania. Mario needs to get there. And Colombo needs calés. Neither of them knows the other’s true story, but at this moment a new and definitive journey will begin for both of them. “It has something of a western… it’s a cute and endearing film about friendship,” comments Zahera. It is the story of a journey, that of two men who, past 50, go looking for a crane, an unattainable bird, an impossible future. A journey in which they will travel Europe, but also their own life, relationships, family, love, sex… as a catharsis in the face of the inevitable passage of time. “As in any odyssey, there are Circes and Polyphemus and they are like two contemporary Ulysses. It’s a wonderful adventure that I started writing 6 years ago and I’m having a great time shooting it,” explains Pau Durà. “Being in my third feature film with Javier Gutiérrez and Luis Zahera in the leading roles gives me a happiness that is difficult to describe. ‘Birds’ is a film about characters: the plot is born from fears, frailties, failures and doubts, the lost dreams. Counting on the talent of these immense actors paves the way for a story full of humanity, beauty and tenderness, and which swings, without a continuity solution, between drama and comedy. As happens in life. ” “Pájaros” has the participation of TV3, Prime Video and RTVE, which have already acquired the rights for its broadcast, and has the support of the ICAA- “Birds” will hit the cinema screens next year by Filmax.