Un cel de plom


‘Un cel de plom’ (A sky made of lead), the story of survival and struggle of Neus Català

On April 28, A Leaden Sky will be released in theaters, the first fiction film by Miquel Romans that explains the life of Neus Català, one of the last survivors of the Ravensbrück Nazi extermination camp. Nausicaa Bonnín (Three days with the family, Elna’s light) puts herself in the shoes of the historic woman in a free adaptation of the homonymous book by Carme Martí (Amsterdam Publishing House, 2012), specifically in one of its episodes, in which The return home of this activist in the anti-fascist struggle and a reference to the French resistance is narrated.
Català was born in 1915 in Guiamets. Once the Civil War broke out, she worked in defense of the Republic as a nurse, and finally crossed the border with France together with 180 boys and girls from one of Negrín’s colonies. There she joined the Resistance, along with her husband, Albert Roger. Her militancy ended in detention and torture in Limoges prison and she was finally deported in 1944 to the Ravensbrück women’s extermination camp.
She survived, she from Ravensbrück she was transferred to the Holleischen labor camp (Czechoslovakia), where she joined a group of women who sabotaged the bullet production factory where the Nazis made them work. They were known as El Comando de Gandulas. The film will recall these facts and other keys that turned Neus Català into one of the great fighters in the history of the 20th century.

Rachel Lascar, Roger Batalla, Iría de Río, Natalia Barrientos, Paula Vélez and Laura Conejero complete the cast of A Leaden Sky, which is a Principal 2 Films and Comando de Gandulas AIE production in co-production with TV3, with the participation of Aragón TV and the support of ICEC. Filmax will distribute it in theaters.